Scottsbluff High School

Home of the Bearcats

After School Pickup

Student Arrival/Entry to School

  • All students enter the building through the new South Entry facing 27th Street
    • Student drop off for all grade levels will occur in the circle drive off of 27thstreet in front of the main south entrance
    • Enter the circle drive from the East (nearest 5th Ave) and exit to the West (nearest 2nd Ave) Do not enter the SHS parking lot for student drop off
  • Busing drop off will occur on 2nd Avenue at this time, students will walk from the drop off area to the main entrance


  • There are 60 student spots for Seniors with passes (1st come, 1st served) on the far north end of the lot nearest the Splash Arena.
    • Staff parking will be in the 122 spots south of the students nearest 27thstreet
    • Other parking is available on
      • 29th Street
      • Softball field complex
      • Bearcat stadium West lot near buses